World’s most expensive and Impressive engagement rings

Beyonce Ring

Most women want to be Beyoncé but the closest they can come is by planning to design your own engagement ring. This engagement ring is valued at $5 million and has a flawless 18-carat diamond in it. Given to her by her husband Jay Z in 2008, the diamond in the ring came from Lorraine Schwartz and is a perfect ring for this powerhouse celebrity.

Paris Hilton Ring

Valued at $4.7 million, this engagement ring has almost two carats, consisting of a main middle diamond and two triangle stones. Additionally, it is made with white gold and is a very stunning ring that caught everyone’s attention when Paris Hilton started wearing it.

As you can see, there are some incredible engagement rings in this world, although most of them are out of range for the average person to be able to afford. The best way to get anything close to these incredible rings is to work with a professional to design a ring that fits your personality, is within your budget, and is something that you will be happy to wear.

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