World’s most expensive and Impressive engagement rings

Engagement rings vary in size, style, and price but these four rings are some of the most expensive engagement rings that we’ve ever seen.

While everyone loves to see engagement rings on the hands of the people they love, they probably are nowhere near as large, expensive, or impressive as the rings on this list. Some of the most expensive engagement rings in the world cost more than people will make working in their entire lives and are giant, inspiring awe and envy from others who aren’t lucky enough to be given these incredible rings.

Mariah Carey Ring

This well-known singer was married three times; in 2016, she married billionaire James Packer. When he popped the question, Packer gave Mariah Carey a huge ring from designer Wilfredo Rosado. This luxury jeweller is based in New York and created a stunning 35-carat ring that Mariah proudly wore. With an estimated value of $10 million, this incredible ring is one that most people can only dream of owning.

Elizabeth Taylor Ring

This stunning 33.10-carat diamond ring was given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton and inspired women all over the world to think about making their own rings to mimic the style and design of this gorgeous ring. With an estimated value of $8.8 million and an incredibly cut diamond, it’s easy to see why so many people consider this one of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world.

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