Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures of 2020

  1. Oxygen Facials

This revolutionary new facial is used to reduce fine lines and plump and brighten the skin. Celebs like Madonna swear by this treatment, which is non-invasive and pushes oxygen and various other nutrients into the skin using pressurised air.

  1. Coolsculpting

Have stubborn fat that you simply can’t get rid of? Why not freeze it off. CoolSculpting has become one of the most popular non-invasive procedures of 2020 because it is highly effective and doesn’t require any downtime. Controlled cooling is used to kill off stubborn fat cells that are then naturally disposed of by the body.

  1. Nose Fillers

Today, it is even possible to adjust the appearance of your nose without the need for surgery. If you want to create more symmetry or smooth out a bump, fillers can be used to safely and effectively shape the nose. Repeat treatments are required to maintain the results though.

  1. Laser Lipo

During this procedure, low-wave laser is used to liquefy the fat before it is removed with a thin tube. Unlike traditional liposuction, laser lipo is less invasive and doesn’t require as much downtime. If used on the face or neck, the fat very often doesn’t even need to be removed as the body disposes of it naturally.

  1. Mesotherapy

This popular new treatment is a non-surgical way to treat hair loss, minimise pigmentation, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. During this treatment, various hormones, enzymes, vitamins and other pharmaceuticals are painlessly injected into the skin. It should be noted that this treatment is not yet FDA approved.

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