Advice on how to choose nail polish

It is essential to choose enamel that is in line with your look and that reflects your tastes. Hands are one of the most sensual parts of the body so it is necessary to take care of them carefully because they say a lot about you. Enamel is part of a woman’s style and adds an important detail. The ideal is to choose the glaze rubber gel top coat in combination with the colors of your clothes but this would mean having to change it every day. How to choose nail polish that goes well with everything? The solution is to choose neutral and clear colors or the French manicure which can suit any style and color. The transparent enamel, pink, beige or cream gives elegance and refinement to the hands. These shades are suitable for any type of season and occasion and are also easier to apply because there is no risk of smudging.

What is gel polish and what are the costs?

The gel polish differs from normal enamel as it has the same characteristics of a gel whose texture must be catalyzed to fix on the nail with an ultraviolet ray lamp. Through the UV oven that is also used in gel reconstruction and that will allow to have an intact and brilliant result without falling apart. This type of enamel can be applied to reconstructed natural nails and can be applied at home buying special kits for sale online. It can also be removed without the use of files or drills but with a specific solvent. On sale there are many colors both classic and the most fashionable ones. If you want to dare more red is the classic color and very chic. While to enhance the hands dark enamel is ideal. The glittery glaze emphasizes tanned hands and feet so it is recommended in summer when you can venture more with bright colors.

Conclusion: How to apply and remove gel polish

The gel enamel is applied very quickly. It will take about 20 minutes to complete the operation but you must run the application with due care if you want the result lasts up to 3 weeks. First apply the transparent base on the perfectly filed and clean nail. Let it dry for 15 seconds in the UV lamp to cure and fix the enamel. Then make two coats of color and finish with the top coat and drying the nails in the oven at each application. To remove the gel polish you will need a specific solvent for semi-permanent polish to be purchased online at your beauty center or in specialized shops. Apply the solvent to the nail with a cotton swab and let it act for a few minutes to remove any remaining enamel.

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